In-flight treatment showed the efficacy of Chinese Medicine for acute diseases

March 28, 2016 - by Dr Yang - in news

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Those bear dolls were given to Dr Yang by Xiamen Airlines Cabin to thank Dr Yang’s in-flight emergency treatment for an acute patient on 24 March 2016. Dr Yang’s treatment achieved a very good result and ensured the flight to smoothly land at Xiamen airport on time without a hitch. The whole process of treatment not only reflects Dr Yang’s eminent medical skills, but also showed acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are effective treatment for acute diseases.

Those bear dolls are specially custom made for Xiamen Airlines. Unique and precious!


The following is a Thank-You Letter from Xiamen Airlines crew. This is the third party opinion as an evidence.


Letter of Thanks


To Honorable Dr. Yang Honglin


We are writing to extend our warmest thanks to you for your practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine to help the people with a kind heart, and your magical hands to bring a seriously ill patient to be recovered with great skills. No matter how weary it was through a way-worn air travel, you cured the sickness to save the patient on board during a flight.

Dr. Yang, you are a wonderful doctor with lofty medical ethic and exquisite medical skills. Today, I express our sincere gratitude to you on behalf of all cabin crew of Xiamen Airlines Flight MF802 and sick passenger Luo Tiansheng and his family.

Thank you for your in-flight emergency treatment for Luo Tiansheng on the MF802 on 24 March 2016. On that day, Mr. Luo said he was feeling serious unwell and told the cabin crew members about his conditions. We seek medical assistance through public announcement on board. You (Dr. Yang) immediately stood up to provide help at the first moment, and expressed the willingness to help us to solve the problem all together. After your emergence treatment for two hours, you eventually relieved Mr. Luo’s pain through your superb Chinese medicine skills, and the main symptoms of this patient had been removed. Moreover, your treatment ensured our flight to smoothly land at Xiamen airport on time without a hitch. The whole process of treatment not only reflects your eminent medical skills, but also embodies your morals and benevolence as a doctor.  

Finally, wishing you good health, all in the best and a whole family’s happiness! Also wishing Traditional Chinese Medicine to achieve better development overseas, and treat and cure more people in need of help.




Xiamen Airlines Cabin Service Department



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