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We are providing personalised health care and treatment for each individual, through our holistic approach to psychosomatic treatment.

The clinic is dedicated to promote your health, healing, well-being and invigoration through the wisdom and practice of Chinese traditional medicine theories, including main and collateral channels, forms and functions of Qi, relationship between Qi and blood, the Five Elements and the theory of Yin and Yang, with the integration of contemporary psychological theories and therapies. 

Dr. Yang is an Australian registered acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner,  the former member of Chinese Medicine Reference Group appointed by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia, with extensive experience in the treatment of Mental Illnesses, Pediatric Diseases, Gynecological Disease, Neurologic Disease, Cardiovascular Diseases, Digestive System Disease, Endocrine System Disease, Miscellaneous Diseases and  promote full health preservation for individual wellness.

Dr. Yang had developed a new effective way to treat autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with the combination of TCM and early childhood intervention. She successfully helped an ASD child back to normal development. Dr Yang also achieved a significant theoretical breakthrough in mental health by the integration of TCM theory and modern psychological theory. She effectively treated many patients with various mental illnesses. 

We are delighted to offer integrated approaches to psychosomatic treatment for your healing, invigoration,happiness and well-being, such as  acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping therapy, consultation, health preservation for individual wellness, pediatric Tuina for kids advice, dietary advice and so on.


Studied Under “Needle Saint” Peng Jingshan

about-us-01 Dr Yang graduated from Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (LNUTCM), specially instructed by Peng Jingshan, the world-famous “”Needle Saint” and Wang Leshan, the veteran TCM practitioner. Dr Yang was born in a TCM family of generations. Her grandfather achieved profound attainments in the pediatric treatment with the distinguished reputation as “King of Pediatrics”.

Inherited her grandfather’s mantle, Dr. Yang demonstrated her superb talent for traditional Chinese medicine while studying at the university. She received the two masters Peng Jingshan and Wang Leshan’s true teachings, and deeply understood Master Peng’s theoretical and practical essence of acupoint selection: One Acupoint One Time, Two Acupoint Matching, Acupoint Selection Line-up and Diseased Area Intensive Treatment.


Enabled Paralyzed Patient To Walk

about-us-02Dr Yang stood out conspicuously during her internship at the university, and her treatment enabled a long-time paralyzed patient to get out of bed and walk by himself through clinical acupoint selection based on differentiation of disease and magnificent acupuncture treatment. This successful case helped Dr Yang gain reputation in the medical profession. She attended a TCM conference gathered by famous scholars and delivered a speech soon after her graduation. Also Dr Yang published an article in a journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Dr Yang became the Director of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Department in a hospital after graduation,  accumulated rich clinical knowledge on traditional Chinese medicine. Her acupuncture skills were approaching perfection day by day. She developed extensive experience by the treatment of Bell’s Palsy, CVA, Diabetes, Digestive System Problems, migraine, miscellaneous diseases and so on.


Spread Concept of Full Health Preservation

about-us-03Dr Yang registered as an acupuncturist and TCM practitioner in Australia, and began to spread the concept of TCM therapy and Full Health Preservation, to provide the whole body and mind health services for patients through TCM treatment, healthy diet and lifestyle modification. This way of treatment has obtained consistent praises from patients.  Dr Yang has helped many patients relieve their pains such as stiff neck, sore neck and shoulder. The nickname Yang Yi Zhen spreads like wildfire.

Also Dr Yang is proficient in Diet Therapy, with the deep understanding on the true essence of Medicine Food Homology (MFH) based on the masterpiece Compendium of Materia Medica.  She regulated the patients’ body functions by food, and successfully employed Diet Therapy in the treatment of a patient’s spontaneous sweating with syndrome of deficiency.


Achievement on Autism:  An ASD Child Back To Be Normal


Dr Yang effectively treated a three and half years old child with diagnoses ASD and anxiety to return to normal, with the interactive approach of TCM treatment and early intervention. Dr Yang considers the integration of TCM with early intervention is a better way to improve the interpretation and treatment of autism. Besides early intervention and biomedical treatment, TCM is the ideal option to address the complex and dynamic nature of autistic symptoms.

Dr Yang’s treatment has achieved a very good result. This little patient become a very social and confident girl to deal with her friends and new environment, and her language skills have also significantly improved. As a result, she had been removed from ASD list after development assessment, also she finally had been dignosed as normal girl by consultant paediatrician.


In-flight Treatment Of Acute Patient

about-us-06Dr Yang brought a seriously ill passenger to be recovered during in-flight emergency treatment on the international flight from Sydney to Xiamen. On 24 March 2016, Dr Yang heard the public announcement on board to seek medical assistance and immediately stood up to provide help at the first moment. Through two-hour acupuncture and emergency treatment, Dr Yang helped this acute patient to relieve his severe symptoms. It not only demonstrates Dr Yang’s exquisite TCM skills, but also shows that acupuncture and Chinese medicine therapy have the significant effect in the treatment of acute diseases.










杨医生在毕业后行医,担任中国一所医院的针灸科主任, 针灸技法日臻化境,积累下关于传统中医临床的丰富经验,处理过许多疑难杂症,诊室门前常常患者聚集,希望杨医生的针灸为他们解除病痛。









根据美国Autism Speaks网站,越来越多的证据表明,一些患有自闭症的儿童经过成功治疗,在某些情况下可能不再符合自闭症的标准。







We have extensive experience in the following areas: Allergy, Asthma / Autism, ASD & ADHD / Bell’s Palsy /  CVA / Depression, Anxiety & Insomnia/ Diabetes, Thyroid disorders / Digestive system problems, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) / Dizziness, Headaches & Migraine / High blood pressure/ low blood pressure / Infertility, IVF support / Climacteric syndrome / Miscellaneous diseases / Pain management /Pediatric Tuina for Kids / Preservation for individual health / Prostate problems / Weight loss & Weight control.


过敏、哮喘 / 自闭症、多动症 /  面瘫 / 中风、偏瘫 / 抑郁症、焦虑症、失眠 / 糖尿病、甲状腺疾病 / 消化系统疾病、肠敏感综合症 / 眩晕、头痛、偏头痛 / 高血压、低血压 /  不孕不育、IVF 辅助治疗 / 更年期综合症 / 疑难杂症 /  疼痛 /小儿推拿 / 个人养生 / 前列腺疾病 / 减肥、体重控制。



Acupuncture 针刺


Dr Yang TCM Health Clinic has extensive experience in acupuncture. The great treatment outcomes have been demonstrated by the high frenquency of patients’ returning visit and high referral ratio. Dr Yang studied acupuncture under the world-famous "Needle Saint" Peng Jingshan at university, deeply understood Master Peng’s theoretical and practical essence of acupoint selection. 


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Moxibustion 艾灸


Moxibustion is the process of using a traditional Chinese medicine to apply heat to an area of the body. Such therapy can move the Qi and deeply warm the body. Moxa is claimed to be especially effective in the treatment of chronic disease as well as sore muscles and menstrual cramping.


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Cupping therapy 拔罐


Cupping therapy has become more well-known after Rio Olympic, because many athletes used this therapy to relieve pain. The cups may be left on the skin for up to 10 minutes. Cupping therapy can relax the muscles, improve blood flow and break up blockages. It functions as a type of deep-tissue massage to help with relaxation and well-being.


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Psychosomatic 心身同治

We are providing personalised health care and treatment for each individual, through our holistic approach to psychosomatic treatment. The clinic is dedicated to promote your health, healing, well-being and invigoration through the wisdom and practice of Chinese traditional medicine theories, with the integration of contemporary psychological theories and therapies. 


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We are delighted to offer acupuncture and other Chinese medical services for your healing, health and invigoration, such as moxibustion, cupping therapy, health preservation for individual wellness, Pediatric Tuina advice for kids , dietary advice and so on.



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